King Tiger in the SMM Full-Reuenthal


2017 Summer season

Work on the gasoline system and the turret


n this season we dealt with the installation of the gas hose system and the disassembly of the inner parts of the turret.

The gas reservoir system of the King Tiger consists of seven single reservoirs with an entire volume of ca. 860 l. It comprises the filling tank (ca. 50 l) at the top of the rear armor wall behind the engine, two gas tanks to the left and right behind the rear sloping walls and next to the fan units (ca. 110 l each), two gas tanks in the lower niches between firewall and track tensioning unit (ca. 80 l each) and two large gas tanks (ca. 170 l each) in metal boxes in the fighting compartment. All reservoirs are linked in a way that with filling of the gas tank at the highest point all other tanks are filled subsequently.

The gas hoses have three different diameters. The thickest provide a fast filling while the vent lines are the thinnest. The mid-sized discharge hoses start at the four lowest points of the system at the bottom of the two niche tanks and fighting compartment tanks.

The entire gas tank system is divided into three modules which are switched at a valve unit. The lever for this unit is located behind the driver and comprises four switch positions:


          1. Closed

          2. Auxiliary reservoir engine comartment     (ca. 80 l)

          3. Main reservoir engine compartment     (ca. 440 l)

          4. 4. Fighting compartment      (ca. 340 l)


The volumes are used up one after the other. In close proximity to the valve units the gas filter is located from where the gas runs to the gas pumps.

This scene provides a better overview of the system:































We have done some modifications of the system. The original gas hoses were textile-sheathed. The original metal fittings and joints to a very large extend are not anymore available today. Therefor we have decided to opt for a modern system. Since the gas reservoir system of the King Tiger was notorious for its tendency











































The valve unit was relatively easy to revise. The core piece is an axis similar to a camshaft which at turning opens one valve while shutting the others.
























The system comprises also 8 large diameter swivel fittings which are not anymore available today. We had four of them which are visible in the fighting compartment rebuilt and plan to rearrange them with original parts as good as possible. Those gas lines will not be seeing gas but it simply looks better.