King Tiger in the SMM Full-Reuenthal



How long would this restoration take?


At the start of the works the over-optimists forecasted 5 years til the end of the restoration. This was rapidly extended to 10 years.


Today after ca. 8 years we have to admit that things will still take quite a while …


The team works on the tank only during winter when the museum is closed to the public. Only die-hard restorers continue the work during summer.


See our season-by-season progress:


Winter 2018 / 2019: Works on the turret


Summer 2018: Works in the hull and sand blasting the turret


Winter 2017 / 2018: Works on the turret and the fuel system


Summer 2017: Work on the gasoline system and the turret


Winter 2016 / 2017: Works on the turret and the armour hull


Summer 2016: Work on the firewall and on the gas tank system


Winter 2015 / 2016: Final drives, tracks, skirts and firewall


Summer 2015: Work in the armour hull


Winter 2014 / 2015: Mounting of roadwheels and tracks


Summer 2014: Restoration of the turret drive


Winter 2013 / 2014: Work on the suspension


Summer 2013: Restoration of mechanical components, brake parts and lubrication lines


Winter 2013 / 2013: Restoration of suspension components


Summer 2012: Removal of the idler arms and sand blasting


2007 – 2012: Starting of restoration and dismantlement



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